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I’ve seen the website¬† many times before, but it wasn’t until I ran across it again tonight doing a google search, that I knew I had to do a post dedicated to it. So here’s my take…

Not So

This is another one of those free trial offers, they say you get your free credit scores to lure you in, but really it’s just a 7-day trial of a credit monitoring service which is significantly overpriced to begin with. If you forget to cancel your trial, you’re stuck with $29.95 fee, just for one month of service.

There are some quality, reasonably priced premium credit monitoring services out there offering free credit scores, is not one of those. I’m not a member of their service, so I can’t say whether it’s crap or gold,¬†but I do know that the monthly price is sky high compared to the other well known services of its kind, so I recommend you stay away from this site.

Truly Free Credit Scores, No Credit Card

Here are my picks for completely free credit scores, no credit card required, no free trials, none of that crap:

  1. Credit Sesame – Provides your free credit scores, monitoring and even ID theft insurance at no charge (my favorite 100% free service).
  2. Credit Karma – Free credit scores and reports, plus free TransUnion credit monitoring.
  3. Quizzle – Provides your free credit report, free credit score, plus useful tools and analysis to help you understand your credit.
  4. – Get your free credit score plus monitoring.
  5. Wise Piggy – Free TransUnion credit score.

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