How to Cancel Membership

Have you found yourself in need of canceling your membership? Don’t want to get charged $29.95 for your next month of service? You’re not alone! In fact, you’re one of thousands of people who have recently been duped into signing up for this service.

How To Cancel

They make it really attractive, and very simple to sign-up for their service, don’t they? Well, canceling is not as easy I can guarantee you that. You will need to call their customer support line at 1 (855) 367-4817 in order to cancel.

Of course expect the retention department to do everything they can to keep you as a paying customer. They don’t want to see dollar bills walking out the door, but just keep your cool and just insist on canceling, and you will get it done.

Take these steps to cancel

  1. Call 1 (855) 367-4817, have your account number handy if possible.
  2. Request an immediate cancellation of your account.
  3. Resist and insist: If you really want to cancel, don’t fall for their attempts to keep you as a customer, and insist on canceling.
  4. Check your credit card statement and make sure the charge does not show up. If you see any additional charges, call back ASAP.

Why Do You Have To Call To Cancel?

They will tell you it’s for security purposes, but really it’s so they can do their best to talk you into staying on as a member. They will tell you all the benefits of being a member, and the things you will be missing if you cancel. Services like this will also typically offer a lower price if you agree to stay.

If they provided an easy way to cancel through the members area on their website, they would lose a lot of money! People would sign-up for the free credit scores, and go right in and hit “Cancel my account”. Those dollar wills would escape way too easily that way.

They’re not stupid, they don’t want to lose money that easy. So they have a trained team of customer support reps aimed at keeping you as a customer, and they want to talk to you before you actually cancel your membership. Lucky you!

Don’t worry though, as long as you’re willing to spend a several minutes on the phone and just keep insisting on canceling your account with, you’ll be fine.

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