How To Get Your Free Credit Score, No Credit Card, No Trial

Are you getting sick of those so-called “free credit score” offers, the ones that require a credit card and give you a 7 day trial – only to charge you something like $29.95 if you don’t cancel your trial before it expires? If so, you’re not alone. You’re actually in luck, because there are now many good sources for your free credit score with no credit card or trials.

Best Ad-Supported Free Credit Score Services

My Top Choice is – Credit Sesame

I’ve been a member of Credit Sesame for a couple years now, and they have added some cool features since I paid my first visit. They will of course provide you with a free credit score, updated monthly. They have recently added credit monitoring and some basic identity theft protection to their arsenal.

Here’s a snapshot of my credit score from my Credit Sesame account:



Overview of Credit Sesame Benefits:

  • Free Experian Credit Score
  • Monthly Credit Score Updates
  • Credit Score Tracking Feature
  • Experian Credit Report Monitoring
  • Always Free – No Credit Card, No Trial

My Experience With Credit Sesame:

I enjoy Credit Sesame as a basic way to get my credit score, however I am also a member of a premium service called FreeScoresAndMore which provides all 3 free credit scores instead of just 1, as well as much more powerful credit monitoring and identity theft protection. So although I think Credit Sesame is a good 100% free way to check your credit score, there are much more powerful options out there in the Premium category.

Link: Credit Sesame

My Second Choice is Credit Karma

I’ve been a member of Credit Karma for quite a while as well. As far as I know, they were the first Ad-Supported free credit score service to come out, so they kind of paved the way for all the rest that came later. While they’re not necessarily my favorite, they do offer a good service especially for being supported by advertisements.


Overview of Credit Karma Benefits:

  • Free TransUnion Credit Score
  • Monthly Credit Score Updates
  • Credit Score Tracking Feature
  • TransUnion Credit Report Monitoring
  • Always 100% Free – No Credit Card, No Trial

My Take on Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a great service to get your free TransUnion credit score, but in my opinion it’s not as clean and easy to use as Credit Sesame. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re hunting for your score in the Ad-Supported category. But I still recommend trying out FreeScoresAndMore and getting all 3 free credit scores before settling on an Ad-Supported service.

Link: Credit Karma

Honorable Mentions

The two services above are my favorites, but that’s not nearly all the options there are to choose from out there. There are numerous Ad-Supported free credit score services currently out there. Here are a few of the more popular alternatives…

Quizzle – Free Experian Credit Report & Score

  • Free Experian Credit Report every 6 months
  • Free Experian Credit Score
  • Always Free, No Credit Card Required – Free VantageScore & Report Card

  • Free Credit Report Card (not full credit report, but still useful)
  • Free VantageScore Updated Monthly
  • Always Free, No Credit Card Needed

WisePiggy – Free TransUnion Credit Score

  • Free TransUnion Credit Score
  • WisePiggy Credit Report Assessment

I invite you to check out all your options for your credit score and credit monitoring needs.

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