& – Watch Out For These Guys

I was browsing for free things this evening, and I just happened to type in, there was nothing there but a “sorry, not found” page… so of course I tried and all I found there was a redirect to another site which wanted me to sign up for a service called PrivacyGuard.

To be fair, I’m familiar with PrivacyGuard, it’s a good service. But whatever you do, don’t sign-up through that link, the monthly price is mysteriously $5 more than it should be. And if you know anything about me, you know I can’t stand unnecessary spending (yes even just $5). I suspect that $5 increase is just a way to put more money in the pocket of whoever owns that domain name, so just don’t do it through that link.

Don’t Use or

All they do is redirect you to another site which are both an unnecessary waste of money if you fall for their tricks, so just be safe and stay away from those places.

If you would like a totally free credit score, there are many good free credit score sources these days such as Credit Sesame and Credit Karma. If you’re looking for a quick free credit score, those will do just fine.


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