Review – Wow, what a Scam!

I’m always out patrolling so called free credit report and free credit score offers, and this morning I ran across a doozy –

That site┬áleads you to the same credit monotoring service as and, where you sign-up for a free trial and get your credit reports and free credit scores. But this one states this right there on the landing page “$39.95 automatically charged after free trial”. So that means if you don’t cancel your free trial, you’re charged almost $40 just for one month of service! That’s outrageous compared to the competition! (By the way, here’s how to cancel

Why is so over priced?

Whoever owns can set the price on the recurring fee if they choose to. The more money is charged, the more that person can make of course. But that also runs the risk higher cancellation rates, so I don’t know if they have found a balance there or not, but I do know that price is ridiculous.

As mentioned above, visiting leads you to the same service as other sites like, and do. So the sign-up process and cancellation would be very similar (maybe with a different phone number). So if you have been duped into signing up for this service, it’s not a huge deal to cancel – but you do have to call.

If you’re looking for real free credit scores┬áthen be sure and find out which free credit score sites are the best. That article when get you going in the right direction!

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