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I don’t know about you, but I would love to win a $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card, it would definitely to to good use around here. I have already completed the survey at, so my fingers are crossed! You should enter for your chance to win too, the survey doesn’t take long at all to finish. Continue reading Win $5,000 Gift Card – – Get Free Wendy’s Coupons

I’m a sucker for good burgers and fries, and Wendy’s has both of those things. I also can’t resist getting free coupons when I get the chance, which is why I recommend taking the customer satisfaction survey. All you have to is fill out a short survey, and you will receive free coupons for your next trip to Wendy’s. Good deal if you ask me! Continue reading – Get Free Wendy’s Coupons – Win $1000 From Starbucks Survey

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How to Cancel Membership

Have you found yourself a member of a site called, and wanting to cancel? Well join the club! While it’s not impossible to cancel your account there, it’s not as easy as clicking a “cancel” button on their website (that would be way too easy, wouldn’t it?). Here’s how: Continue reading How to Cancel Membership Review – Wow, what a Scam!

I’m always out patrolling so called free credit report and free credit score offers, and this morning I ran across a doozy –

That site leads you to the same credit monotoring service as and, where you sign-up for a free trial and get your credit reports and free credit scores. But this one states this right there on the landing page “$39.95 automatically charged after free trial”. So that means if you don’t cancel your free trial, you’re charged almost $40 just for one month of service! That’s outrageous compared to the competition! (By the way, here’s how to cancel Continue reading Review – Wow, what a Scam!

How to Cancel Membership

Have you found yourself in need of canceling your membership? Don’t want to get charged $29.95 for your next month of service? You’re not alone! In fact, you’re one of thousands of people who have recently been duped into signing up for this service. Continue reading How to Cancel Membership