How to Cancel Membership

Have you found yourself a member of a site called, and wanting to cancel? Well join the club! While it’s not impossible to cancel your account there, it’s not as easy as clicking a “cancel” button on their website (that would be way too easy, wouldn’t it?). Here’s how: Continue reading How to Cancel Membership Review – Wow, what a Scam!

I’m always out patrolling so called free credit report and free credit score offers, and this morning I ran across a doozy –

That site leads you to the same credit monotoring service as and, where you sign-up for a free trial and get your credit reports and free credit scores. But this one states this right there on the landing page “$39.95 automatically charged after free trial”. So that means if you don’t cancel your free trial, you’re charged almost $40 just for one month of service! That’s outrageous compared to the competition! (By the way, here’s how to cancel Continue reading Review – Wow, what a Scam!

How to Cancel Membership

Have you found yourself in need of canceling your membership? Don’t want to get charged $29.95 for your next month of service? You’re not alone! In fact, you’re one of thousands of people who have recently been duped into signing up for this service. Continue reading How to Cancel Membership – Not So Free After All

I’ve seen the website many times before, but it wasn’t until I ran across it again tonight doing a google search, that I knew I had to do a post dedicated to it. So here’s my take…

Not So

This is another one of those free trial offers, they say you get your free credit scores to lure you in, but really it’s just a 7-day trial of a credit monitoring service which is significantly overpriced to begin with. If you forget to cancel your trial, you’re stuck with $29.95 fee, just for one month of service. Continue reading – Not So Free After All & – Watch Out For These Guys

I was browsing for free things this evening, and I just happened to type in, there was nothing there but a “sorry, not found” page… so of course I tried and all I found there was a redirect to another site which wanted me to sign up for a service called PrivacyGuard.

To be fair, I’m familiar with PrivacyGuard, it’s a good service. But whatever you do, don’t sign-up through that link, the monthly price is mysteriously $5 more than it should be. And if you know anything about me, you know I can’t stand unnecessary spending (yes even just $5). I suspect that $5 increase is just a way to put more money in the pocket of whoever owns that domain name, so just don’t do it through that link. Continue reading & – Watch Out For These Guys – Free FICO Credit Score for Citi Cardmembers

I ran across an interesting bit of information today, certain Citi Credit Card holders can get their free FICO® Credit Score, based on their Equinox credit report, updated once a month. It said to go to, which I did and this is what I found…

Apparently only certain Citi cardmembers are eligible for this Free FICO Credit Score, so not all Citi members are able to get it. Also, it’s only 1 credit score, instead of all 3. Continue reading – Free FICO Credit Score for Citi Cardmembers – Apply For Citi Double Cash Card Online

If I had a dime for every credit card offer I received in the mail.. well today I received an interesting one that I’m seriously considering applying for. It’s called the Citi® Double Cash Card. The advertisement directed me to to apply.

It’s an interesting offer, it’s a 1% cash back rewards card, but that’s not the end of it. What makes it so interesting to me is that you will also receive 1% cash back on what you pay on your balance, so that’s basically double cash back, no restrictions, no rotating categories, no annual fees. My current credit card (Chase Freedom) I receive 1% cash back, but no cash back on what I pay on my balance, that’s what sets this card apart from the crowd. Continue reading – Apply For Citi Double Cash Card Online – Win $1000 Cash from Zaxby’s

I have to admit, I don’t visit Zaxby’s very often, but I do love me some free cash! So when I found out about this I had to take advantage of this chance to win $1000, just by doing a survey at, and then I figured I should tell you guys about it as well 🙂 After all, I do a lot of these surveys, and I have won on more than one occasion. So now I’m hooked. Continue reading – Win $1000 Cash from Zaxby’s – Take CiCi’s Pizza Coupon Survey

I’ll admit it, I love me some CiCi’s pizza. I know I shouldn’t, but dang it… I just can’t help it! I’m also kind of a survey junkie, especially if there’s something in it for me like cash and free coupons and discounts. Lucky for me (and for you too), CiCi’s Pizza is currently offering a way to get discounted pizza, just by completing a simple survey at All you have to do is share your opinions and experiences about your visit to CiCi’s, and you will receive discount coupons for your next visit. Continue reading – Take CiCi’s Pizza Coupon Survey – Enter to Win Taco Bell $500 Cash Survey

I frickin’ love taco bell, so any chance I get to go there is gold in my book. Especially if I have a chance to either: A. Save money, or B. Get free stuff. This is our chance to do both! I’ve already done it, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But if you haven’t already, all you have to do is go to and give them your opinions and reflect on your past experiences, 2 things I’m proud to say I can accomplish fairly successfully 🙂 When you’re finished, you’re entered to win $500, which could keep my belly full for a very long time. Continue reading – Enter to Win Taco Bell $500 Cash Survey