Top 4 ways to get your 100% Free Credit Scores

I’ve tried them all so you don’t have to. They come in two categories: Premium and Ad-Supported. It’s very similar to cable TV channels. Your premium channels would be ones you pay extra for like HBO, Starz, Showtime and so on. Your ad-supported channels are pretty much everything else, the ones that you don’t pay extra for, but you have to watch commercials. Here are my top 5 picks for getting completely free credit scores:

  1. CreditKarma – Ad-Supported Service
    CreditKarma is a good basic free way to check your credit scores. This service is ad-supported, which means there’s no charge, but they will present you with various credit card and/or loan offers so they can pay the bills without charging you directly.
  2. Credit Sesame – Ad-Supported Service
    This service is actually my favorite ad-supported service. Like CreditKarma, it’s ad-supported so even though it’s free, be prepared to turn down many advertisements. They do have a very easy to navigate website, which does make it easier to see what you need to see without a lot of trouble.
  3. – Ad-Supported Service is an ad-supported service, also very basic and easy to use. It doesn’t offer a lot in the way of information to help you understand your score, but you can get that elsewhere.
  4. Quizzle – Ad-Supported Service
    Quizzle was one of the first ad-supported services to offer free credit scores, but in my opinion, that alone doesn’t make it one of the best. It’s a good option if you don’t like any of the other services for one reason or another.

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  1. As long as your using one of the report secevris like, etc. no there is no damage done to your score this is called a soft pull and you do not lose points for themNow if you apply for credit like at a department store, credit card company, auto dealer etc. then yes this is called a hard pull and you lose between 3-5 points for each one. The exception to this would be when your applying for either a vehicle or home loan then all applications within a 14-day period are lumped together and only count as one, they all show but your credit only takes one ding.

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