www.talktosonic.com – Get Your Free Route 44 Drink

Sonic is currently giving away free route 44 drinks to anyone who has visited within the past 14 days, and saved the receipt. All you have to do is go to www.talktosonic.com and fill out the short survey, write down the code the site gives you on your receipt, and take it in next time you go to claim your free route 44!

How To Get Your Free Route 44 Drink from www.talktosonic.com

You will need these:

  1. A Sonic Drive-In receipt less than 14 days old.
  2. A computer or smart phone with internet access.
  3. A pen or pencil to write down your code.

Instructions on how to get your free route 44:

  1. Start by visiting www.talktosonic.com to begin the survey.
  2. Enter the ID that is printed on the bottom of your Sonic receipt.
  3. Answer each of the survey questions based on your experience at Sonic. Be sure to be honest, they aren’t looking for all good feedback.
  4. When that part of the survey is finished, just answer a few simple demographic questions.
  5. Upon completion of the survey, a validation code will be displayed on your screen.
  6. Write the validation code down on your receipt, and redeem your reward on your next visit to Sonic.

Is This Survey Worth Doing?

If you hate surveys more than you love free stuff, then it may not be for you. But, I’m a bit of a survey fanatic (who also absolutely loves free stuff), so yes this is worth it! If you ask me, you can’t beat a route 44 cherry limeade from Sonic, one of my all time favorite drinks – especially when it’s free!

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