Experian IdentityWorks Review

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Full Disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship with Experian IdentityWorks and I will receive a small commission if you sign-up through my link (at no cost to you).

Monitor Your REAL FICO® Scores with IdentityWorks

Did you know that 90% of top lenders use your FICO® Scores to determine interest rates, terms & approvals?

Yet most other credit monitoring services (including Credit Karma) give you some other type of credit score as a cheap imitation (“FAKO” Score), not your true FICO Score.

So why are you checking a different type of credit score than what your lenders would see?

It’s time to get the best!

I’ve tried numerous ad-supported and premium credit monitoring services over the last several years, and I’ve written about many of them here.

But none of them quite compare to Experian IdentityWorks Premium.

What is Experian IdentityWorks?

Experian IdentityWorks is a Premium Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection service.

Its top priority is to protect you from identity theft, but it’s also (in my opinion) the best credit monitoring and identity theft protection service currently available.

What You Will Get with IdentityWorks Premium

  • Quarterly 3-Bureau FICO® Scores
  • Daily Experian FICO® Scores
  • FICO® Score Tracker
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring and Alerts
  • Dark Web Internet Surveillance Alerts
  • Financial Account Takeover Alerts
  • Change of Address Alerts
  • Court Records and Booking Alerts
  • Non-Credit Alerts
  • Sex Offender Registry Alerts
  • Social Network Monitoring Alerts
  • Identity Validation Alerts
  • Experian CreditLock with Alerts
  • Up to $1 Million Identity Theft
  • Dedicated Fraud Resolution Support
  • Lost Wallet Assistance

Visit Experian IdentityWorks and start your 30-Day Trial Now

My sensitive info was exposed

I’ve been a member of IdentityWorks Premium since June, 2017.

A few months after I became a member of IdentityWorks, I found out that I was one of the 143 million people affected by the huge Equifax data breach.

After informing me that that my sensitive information had been exposed in the data breach, Equifax wanted me to sign up for their own ID theft protection service called “Trusted ID Premier”.

But I was already protected

I said – no thanks! I was already a member of what I believe is the “best of the best” – Experian IdentityWorks. So I could sleep easy knowing I had a good credit monitoring & ID theft protection service keeping me safe.

7 Features That Propel Experian IdentityWorks To The Top

Here are 7 features that propel IdentityWorks Premium to the head of the pack:

  1. Quarterly 3-Bureau FICO® Scores – It’s very important to get your ACTUAL FICO scores –  the score that 90% of lenders use – not some cheap imitation like most others will give you.
  2. Daily FICO® Score Updates (based on Experian data) – See your FICO score updated on a daily basis, a very unique feature. This is a great way to keep close track of your FICO score.
  3. Dark Web Surveillance – Scans over 600,000 pages on the dark web, to detect if your personal information has been stolen.
  4. Experian CreditLock – The ability to temporarily unlock your credit report when you apply for credit or financing, without delaying the application process. You’ll receive a confirmation alert whenever you lock or unlock your Experian credit report.
  5. 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring and Alerts – Monitors your 3 credit reports on a daily basis and notifies you of certain changes like new accounts, credit inquiries, signs of ID theft etc.
  6. Best-In-Class Identity Theft Protection – Including Dark Web Surveillance, Financial Account Takeover Alerts, Experian CreditLock with Alerts, Lost Wallet Protection, Dedicated Fraud Resolution Support, and more.
  7. Up to $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance – In the unlikely event that your identity is stolen while a member of this service, they offer up to $1 million to help you recover from it.

Visit Experian IdentityWorks and start your 30-Day Trial Now

Here’s what it looks like to be a member

As I mentioned before, I’m a member of IdentityWorks Premium, and I love it

Here are a couple of screenshots from my account, so you can see what it looks like to be a member:

My 3 FICO Scores:

my 3 fico scores

My Protection Level:

protection level

IdentityWorks Premium Pricing

IdentityWorks Premium has a 30-day trial, then it’s $19.99/mo thereafter.

If you’re looking for a 100% no cost service, look elsewhere. You’re not going to find a full featured service such as this one for no cost.

In fact, compared to the competition, I truly believe $19.99/mo (or 66 cents a day) is a bargain for what you get.

Note: You can get 2 months at no extra charge, if you go with the annual membership, for only $199/year. That is the equivalent to about $16.58/month if you don’t mind doing the annual prepay.

The upside to that is you save around $40. Downside is it doesn’t look like there’s a no cost trial attached to that.

Service and Trial Information

A credit card is required to start your free 30 day trial membership in IdentityWorks. You may cancel your trial membership at any time within 30 days without charge. If you decide not to cancel, your membership will continue and you will be billed $19.95 for each month that you continue your membership. You may easily cancel your trial membership online anytime within the trial period without charge.


I truly believe that, for the price, you can’t beat Experian IdentityWorks Premium.

I also believe that it’s well worth the 66 cents a day it costs, to check, monitor, and help protect 100% of your credit data and identity.

Visit Experian IdentityWorks and start your 30-Day Trial Now

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